Our Inspiration, Boomer

" Boomer truly was everyone's "first" dog. Our son Kyle was only five and none of his friends or our neighbors had dogs. He slept with Kyle and did everything with us. After he became more popular- by chasing geese away- it seemed everyone in Mount Laurel knew and grew to love him, too! He was a great mentor to the other dogs and even trained them to chase geese! He was very protective - an incredible watch dog. Because he was "off the charts" (border collies are typically 35-45 lbs.; Boomer weighed about 75 lbs.) he would scare anyone who tried to come near the house or family - a true guardian.

Border Collies are highly intelligent so Boomer was more like a person than any other dog I have ever known. Kind of like having a kid who listened all the time and did exactly what we said. He even took care of the kids when they were small by keeping them in the yard and barking if anyone ever came close (which if they were a stranger they never did; he scared them too much!) Boomer was the BEST dog ever! "
- Deborah Young
The Geese Chasers custom chopper is lovingly named for the true founder of Geese Chasers, Boomer.

Boomer was born on November 13th, 1998 in Blue Ball PA. His first weeks of life were spent on a dairy farm in this idyllic part of the country. The Young family picked him up only days before Christmas, 1998. Boomer quickly became a member of the family and grew to enjoy frisbee, ball and just about anything that the Youngs threw and Boomer could retrieve.

Boomer loved everyone and was a natural at chasing geese and a very strong swimmer. The first flock of geese he ever chased was in the pond behind the Young's house. He was five months old, and it took one hour and 45 minutes to get him out of the water. He did not stop swimming until every last water fowl was gone. He was a true gift in every sense of the word.

As Boomer's natural talent became obvious, so did the idea of Geese Chasers to Bob and Deborah Young. Together with Boomer, they started Geese Chasers, LLC.

Among their first customers was Ramblewood Country Club of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. On their verdant course and walkways, Boomer became legendary. The members wanted to construct a statue of him and place it in the middle of the lake on Red #5. Boomer really gave them their course back.

Boomer passed away on April 30, 2008. Truly a sad day for all his admirers, his friends and his family. As the years have passed, all the many "geese chasers' of the company have been special. But none more than our founding friend, Boomer.

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Our Boomer

The Geese Chasers custom chopper is lovingly named for the true founder of Geese Chasers, Boomer.

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